I’ll get back to you on that…

I say that often and then I forget to post updates… so this is either a self-indulgent way of keeping track of my own garden’s triumphs and failures, or (just possibly) information you’re impatiently waiting for.

The experimental squash in Leaf-Gro bags are half-successful so far.  The Galeux d’Eysines and the Naguri have pretty much collapsed.  I checked the vines for borers and… well, it’s inconclusive, but I’m pretty sure the Naguri at least is just dying of thirst.  It’s hard to keep those bags sufficiently watered, perhaps harder than with a more standard container.  The butternut is doing well, healthy with a couple of small fruits – butternuts seldom get borers, so again, no sure conclusion; it’s had no more water than the others but the leaves are shading the roots nicely – and the Jarradale is surviving.

The pomegranate is doing well and now has two fruits – !!! – with the promise of more.

My two salad table bean plants are smaller than normal but have lots of flowers, so perhaps beans soon (enough to throw into a stir-fry with some other stuff).

Early in the month I planted four short rows of lettuce between my tomato plants, and the tomatoes (growing tall now) have produced some shade, so the lettuce hasn’t bolted yet, and we’ve had two salads out of it.  I think it might hang on for a third; really I should sow more.

I made a start at reorganizing my compost over the weekend, and along the way rescued two mystery squash and four mystery peppers that were growing out the sides of the “temporary” bin that had been sitting on the driveway for three years.  Naturally, because I am no more inclined to planticide than Donna, I tucked them into the garden where I’d removed some nice fat kohlrabi and some broccoli that never quite got to flowering.  We’ll see what happens.  Growing the brassicas (which were also mystery plants, since I lost the labels from the seedling pots) was great fun; I hadn’t grown any in several years because we were trying to make the fence groundhog-proof (so far, crossing my fingers, it is this year) and I didn’t feel like losing the whole crop overnight.  Interesting to see that after the gap “beginner’s luck” kicked in again and I had not a single insect pest on the plants.  Alas, they will find me again next year.

The path widths are just as unreasonably narrow as you might expect at this time of year, but I have started harvesting potatoes so that will help a bit.  Here’s two plants’ worth of Red Thumb fingerlings:

Plus one Purple Sun that got in there by mistake.  It’s a great year for potatoes; if only they hadn’t just told us they were fattening!

Back to the demo garden next time, for the Not-Really-a-Mystery of the Wascally Wabbit and the Disappearing Bean Plants, or some other tale.  I’ll get back to you on that…

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  1. I is good to keep track of the events in your garden which is good for self encouragement Those potatoes look good. I think it is a pleasant surprise and reward for your efforts. Wishing you a happy 4th of July holiday!

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