Salad tables in June

Here’s my salad table, replanted for the summer:

I decided to leave it where it is and fill it with summery plants instead of moving it into the shade and trying to grow lettuce.  (I am trying to grow lettuce in rows between my tomato plants.  Will let you know how that goes.)  From left to right:

Bush beans, because Jon Traunfeld says they grow in salad tables!  If this standard-size green bush bean works, next time I’ll try a dwarf variety like Masai and that should do even better.

New Zealand spinach (in several places through the table).  Does very well in the heat and seems to like containers just fine.

Spring onions, planted in the spring.  Still pretty thin but I’ll harvest soon.

Mixed basil.  I got this from Johnny’s in a large packet meant for microgreens.  Excellent value, but the basils are not identified.

There are also a couple of amaranth plants (a variety grown for leaves).  And that’s what my just-outside-the-door garden looks like this summer.

Sneak preview:  I attended some very special events this week involving salad tables.  More later about this Audubon GreenKids collaboration with Montgomery County Public Schools (with help from UME and Grow It Eat It), but here’s what the kids thought about it:

Photo thanks: Claire Gardner, MCPS


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