Spring AND late summer asparagus

Here’s a neat trick for spreading out your asparagus harvest. In half of your planting, cut emerging spears in spring as you normally do. In the other half, allow the spears to grow into ferns and cut them in late July. You’ll then be able to harvest spears in August if you keep the bed well-watered.
Lynn Jacobson, the Grow It Eat It webmaster and “asparagus queen” in our office, sent this photo and note a few days ago:
“The left row is the row we let grow last Spring, and cut back (missed the late July recommended time because of vacation) and harvested in August last year .  We decided to try it again this year.  The other rows have been cut.  So far we’ve had about 50 lbs of asparagus!  The left row doesn’t appear to have suffered any ill effects from the August cutting!”
 (Note: Lynn grows the ‘Jersey Giant’ cultivar and mulches her beds with shredded leaves. The walkways between the beds are covered with landscape fabric and leaves).

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