Start those squash, cukes and melons now for May 15 transplants

Just a reminder for anyone that wants to get a jump on the squash, cuke or melon season. You can start your plants now for transplant into the garden around May 15. (I live in the Clarksville area and the frost date here is really that late.) Anyway, grab a 4 inch pot and fill it with your favorite soilless mix. Plant four seeds in each pot, after sprouting, you can cut off the two weakest seedlings. Water the pots thoroughly and place under lights. They’ll be up in a couple of days and you can either leave them under the lights or if the weather stays warm, move them outdoors.

If you use a black plastic mulch, you can warm the soil up and the plants will grow more quickly. Another trick is to cover the plants with row cover which will preclude all the squash plant loving pests from feasting on your plants. Just remember that once the plants start to bloom, you’ll have to remove the row cover so that all of the pollinators can do their jobs.

2 Comments on “Start those squash, cukes and melons now for May 15 transplants

  1. Does anyone have any recommendations for preventing squash vine borer damage? I have had horrible luck with my zucchinis these pas 2 years and I am hoping this year will be better. Thanks!!


  2. Go to Archives in the right column and find June 2010, then June 22, for a posting on several ways to avoid the borers, “For squash, sometimes late is better than early.”


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