Growing potatoes but not in-ground.

Why not!

For a home gardener, it’s not an obligation to buried in- ground the 8-10 patato seeds you just bought at the garden center or big box store. I grow my Yukon Gold on the turf or on the concrete soilless.

At first you need a 6-8 hours of sun and water source.

Second you need something to hold the soil when you built the tower. Some people use 4 old tires ( 14” in diameter is good) some other a 18” high and 18” deep container or some folks like me use a tube made of chicken wire with the same dimension than the container early mentioned.

Third, you need potato seeds. Do not use the potatoes from the groceries stores. The potatoes seeds we use look like baby potatoes, they are disease free and the days of maturity are between 90 and 120 days.

To grow potatoes on my concrete slab, I use a support for drainage, pour 6” of soilless dirt and bury the seeds in 1” to 1.5” deep.

To grow potatoes on the turf I pour 1” or so of compost, put the seed and cover it with 4” of leaves.

Grown this way, the potatoes plants need to watered often to keep them moist but not soggy.

When the plants reach 8”, I will mount (add) 4” of leaves around the plant and repeat it another time.

If I don’t use as soil with fertilizer, I will add during the second mount, a balanced fertilizer.

For my Yukon Gold, it will take 2 months before to see the flower and another mount before I can harvest for storage my potatoes. For new potatoes, as soon the flower dies, you can start to harvest by gently digging around the outside of the plant a tuber at the time.

Few things can kill or damage a potato plant:

Heat: that’s why I grow an early-maturing variety. The other option will be to grow a late-maturing variety.
Diseases: Early blight can be a problem use liquid copper as preventive method if problem occur
Insects: Aphids is my problem. I change the soil every year to avoid other pest.
Frost: I thing I don’t need to explain why.
Pest: Ground hog like tender shoot. Cover your plants with a net.

When the plants die, harvest the potatoes.

Have fun!

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