Salad table cover

My wonderful husband constructed a salad table for me to plant in this spring, out of reused lumber and just the right size for our deck.  The only problem: squirrels.  I grow a lot of plants on my deck and in containers at other places in the yard, and every time I fill up something new with potting soil, the squirrels arrive to dig in it, either burying something, or hoping they’ll find something, or just scratching away for the fun of it.  They seldom eat anything (though they are the prime suspects in the chewing up of several kale seedlings last year) but plants get uprooted and die.  Also, we have cats wandering around who might regard the salad table as a litterbox, or just lie down for a nap on top of the lettuce.

Solution: salad table cover.

It’s basically a wood-frame box with chicken wire stretched between.  Right now it can be lifted off to tend plants; we may add a couple of hinges.  It’s also perfect for draping row cover over when it gets frosty out, or to keep insects away.

Closeup of the carpentry:

And I hope you can see that I have seedlings coming up inside!  Arugula, lettuce, and radishes.  Hello, spring.

8 Comments on “Salad table cover

  1. wow, that thing is a beauty! I do see those perfectly lined up seedlings. It's going to be really pretty when it fills in. Your hubby's great.


  2. We did the same thing for the very same reason!! Though ours is high in the back and looks like a triangle from the side … hoping to be able to grow taller things in the back maybe … or just that it seemed like a simpler construction that way 🙂


  3. Hi Alice – that sounds like the shape of a lot of cold frames I've seen, and with those you can grow taller things in the back too. Good plan.


  4. Thanks for posting this Erica. I've been pondering the same issues you are having and trying to figure out a design, this looks great so I'll be working on creating one this spring!


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