Herbs: tasty, tasteful, or both?

Think “herbs” and you likely think of something tasty to season your food. In her “A Cook’s Garden” column in the Washington Post, Barbara Damrosch focuses on another dimension: beauty.

Yes, you’ve caught the drift. Grow herbs for both taste and beauty.

Enjoy the accompanying photo of Pink Candypops mint.

Damrosch just might be onto something here. And to think deer don’t generally browse strongly flavored or scented herbs, such as mint.

To read her column, CLICK HERE.

2 Comments on “Herbs: tasty, tasteful, or both?

  1. I'm always a fan of dual purpose plants, but I thought I read in a Maryland Master Gardener's handbook that mint is an invasive species and shouldn't be planted if you live near a water source. Any thoughts or advice?


  2. Yes, LJ, gardeners must be careful about where they plant mint, especially varieties that are aggressive. Here's what the MG Handbook says: “Mints include several lawn weeds such as creeping Charlie, but also herb mints. These grow rampantly in natural areas, crowding out natives. They spread by seed as well as roots and runners and will re-sprout from root fragments. Grow herbal mints in containers or root-confined areas.” I grow spearmint in an 18″-diameter plastic container and check periodically that it isn't trying to escape. Thanks for the reminder.


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