What I learned during the gardenning season 2010

I leave in central Maryland, somewhere between the Raven’s stadium and the Redskin’s stadium.

This is what I learned and/or demonstrate during the last growing season.

It’s possible to ….

  • Keep parsley in the fridge for at least 2 months and counting by putting the stems in the water and covering it with a plastic bag.
  • Have 2 onion harvests ( March/April + June/July)
  • Have 3 broccoli harvests ( February + May + October )
  • Have 2 Yukon gold potatoes harvests ( June/July + October)
  • have 2 pumpkins harvest ( July + October)
  • Have 2 oilseed sunflowers harvests ( May/June + July/August)

Broccoli in February ? Yep!. Some left over from last fall who hibernate under a double cold frame. I took this picture February 19th and its ready to pick!

For the onions, took the picture on the same day, if i need green onion this weekend, I know where to find them.

And for the sunflowers, if I don’t want to do Unintentional Vegetable Philanthropy with my raspberries, I need to start to feed the birds before the raspberries ripen 🙂

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