Growing Tomatoes Atop Ice

As you look out and see 10 inches or more of snow this morning, are you planning to put on your boots and set out some tomato plants in your garden?

Ridiculous thought, you’re thinking.  But don’t they grow tomatoes, cukes, and lettuce atop the South Pole ice pack?

Yes, scientists at the United States South Pole Station grow a variety of veggies and herbs and a flower or two in a remotely controlled greenhouse that the manager calls a “growbot.”

Take three minutes to read Ann Posegate’s “A garden grows at the South Pole,” from Wednesday’s “Kids Post” page of the Washington Post.

To take a fast trip to the growbot, CLICK HERE.

2 Comments on “Growing Tomatoes Atop Ice

  1. I'm impressed too that the South Pole team grows veggies on the ice cap. I'm just as impressed that you and I can do it the old-fashioned way, right in our backyard gardens.

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