Just Dreamin’ of Veggies

I’m just dreamin’ of veggies—veggies past and future—while snowflakes arrive on the north wind and I’m comfy warm under my new “Grow It Eat It Nap Quilt.”

I’m the MG in the family—Master Gardener. Ellen is the MQ—Master Quilter.

When Ellen dropped in to check on some quilting fabric at Seminole Sampler, a fabric shop in Catonsville, not far from BWI Airport, I tagged along. While Ellen was looking at bolts of fabric, I stumbled upon a sale table with a box of fabric called “Farmer’s Market,” with designs of veggies and small fruits.

Next thing I knew I was selecting fabrics with fruits and veggies I’ve either raised or would like to: green- and red-leaf lettuce, large-red and cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, blackberries, strawberries, carrots, broccoli, potatoes, garlic, and onions.

“Found something interesting?” Ellen said when she found me.

“Look at these,” I replied, showing her my collection, “–veggie and fruit designs. I’ve grown most of these.”

I could all but hear her brain kick into gear. “Bring those fat quarters so we can look for some sashing and backing fabric.”

Soon the deal was done. A dozen fat quarters of “Farmer’s Market” plus the complementary fabric.

On Tuesday Ellen finished hand-sewing the binding of the nap quilt. After lunch I found it neatly folded on the back of my blue recliner. And an hour later, while snowflakes started to fall, I pushed back in my recliner, pulled the quilt up under my chin, and tested it out.

When I woke a half hour later, I declared the nap quilt a grand success. It was the right weight—just the right warmth—to keep away any winter chill.

And think of the promises it holds—of more winter naps—and of dreams of veggie gardens past and future.

Thanks, love.

4 Comments on “Just Dreamin’ of Veggies

  1. Ellen loves to quilt–her #1 retirement hobby. And, yes, I'm so lucky–even if she hadn't made me a nap quilt.

  2. Love the quilt! Perfect for the gardener who dreams about veggies in the cold winter. Now I'll need to make one for my husband!

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