Veggie orchestra–really?

Have you ever listened to an orchestra with instruments made from veggies?

If life gives you a lemon, make lemonade. If your garden produces too many veggies, start a veggie orchestra.

No, my tomatoes haven’t been stewed. There really is a veggie orchestra, the Vienna Vegetable Orchestra, which has been giving the world a taste of fresh veggie music since 1998.

If you’re having a hard time imagining a veggie instrument, think carrot or radish flute. For brass, think carrot trumpet with bell made of—don’t be shocked—a bell pepper. For percussion, think turnip bongo, pumpkin drum, and eggplant clapper. On the mellower side, think cucumberphone.

You’re still not taking this seriously, are you? But the Vienna veggies are for real. They have several CDs out, the latest called “Onionoise.”

“Noise” probably isn’t the best word to associate with veggie music. Perhaps “funky and groovy” or “organic experimental sound” would be better.

And it’s comforting to think that in a world of veggie orchestras, no one would starve. After each concert, the conductor could collect all instruments and cook up a pot of vegetable soup.

“Brass and percussion, report to the kitchen!”

Eat your hearts out, Mozart, Haydn, and Beethoven. Lucky you weren’t celery.

Ready to view and hear a 2-minute veggie concert? CLICK HERE.

2 Comments on “Veggie orchestra–really?

  1. When we hear funky/groovy music coming from your garden, we'll know that you've stopped harvesting and started to create veggie instruments. Play on!


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