Turnips, carrots, and garlic: fall garden stalwarts

Plant carrot and turnip seed in the garden in late July through early August in Central MD and you’re rewarded with October/November harvests of nutritious, delicious roots- not to mention the turnip greens! The carrot plants (left) and turnip plants (right) were planted in an 8 in. deep raised bed. Cover the bed with some floating row cover to push for more growth and a bigger harvest.

I planted garlic cloves a few weeks ago from the ‘German White’ hardneck garlic I grew last year. The cloves were planted 6 in. apart in rows spaced 12 in. apart. They started to sprout in 2 weeks time. After Thanksgiving I’ll mulch them heavily with shredded leaves. Deer have not browsed my garlic in past years.

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