Ornamental sweet potato fries

Another in the We Eat Them So You Don’t Have To… No, Wait, You Should series.

Last night at my house we had oven-baked sweet potato fries, made with this recipe.

Tasty although I used a little too much paprika and should have kept them in the oven longer, since they were soft but not crispy outside.  But hey, we were hungry.
Try the recipe!  But that’s not the point of this post.  See the yellow-colored fries in the above photo?  The orange ones are regular Georgia Jet sweet potatoes from the demo garden, but the yellow ones I dug up yesterday from under my ornamental sweet potato vine (the purple-leafed kind) that has been spreading out at the base of my mailbox all summer and fall.  After the frost, it was ready to go, and since I’d already done the research that showed its tubers would be edible, I threw in the three I found that had fattened up.  (Neglected to take a photo, sorry.  They look like white sweet potatoes.)

Ornamental sweet potatoes are bred for pretty leaf color, not taste.  And these tasted… kind of bland compared to the others, but not offensive.  Rather like regular potatoes, in fact.  So, dig up your sweet potato vine and if you have tubers, try them.  I am still fine seventeen hours later.  (Actually I have a cold, but that’s not dinner’s fault.)

Warning: always check authoritative sources before experimenting with new foods you may have inadvertently grown!

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  1. Delicious! I was really happy with my Georgia Jets last year and regret not having enough space to try that again.

    Chinese people enjoy the leaves more than the actual sweet potatoes. You'll have to try that next time if you haven't already!

  2. I have tried the leaves – they're really good. And we've had people come through the garden and tell us they eat just the stems and not the leaves.

    Not sure about leaves of the ornamental kind, though I'm sure they're edible.

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