Celebrating Pumpkin Weekend, Day 2


In Quebec, we say “Halloween!” and not “Trick-or-Treat!”

As with every Sunday morning at the Donna-Nicolas House, we bake muffins and enjoy a pot or two of tea while reading the Sunday newspaper. For this edition we had pumpkin muffins, a recipe from this wonderful recipe book, because it’s Pumpkin Weekend!!!!!!

After enjoying the beautiful fall temperature by raking some leaves and winterizing the drip irrigation system in the garden, it was time to come back to the kitchen for more festive cooking. First, Donna made an acorn squash bisque and the pumpkin butter for the pecan-crusted pork. As for me, I prepared the tomatoes Provencal , some whole roasted tomatoes, and the salad. All the tomatoes are fresh from our garden.

Naturally, some dessert is essential for celebrating Pumpkin Weekend (Day 2). We had in our freezer some unused phyllo sheets, which I used to make a Bulgarian dessert called Tikvenik, or in other words, Pumpkin-filled phyllo. It can be made in a spiral or, like ours, in a long strip.

Tomorrow, Monday, we will go into overtime with roasted pumpkin bits as a side dish. By the way, all our festive feasting this weekend was courtesy of a single pumpkin. An average “big size” field pumpkin, a.k.a “Jack-O-Lantern”, will give you north of 6 cups of puree, with some chunks left over for an additional side dish. Oh, and be sure we will be eating pumpkin left overs for a few more days.

Happy Pumpkin Weekend!

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  1. What a feast you had! Glad to have some new recipes to try out especially for the extra pumpkin. Great pics too! Really sets the mood. Thanks!

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