As a gardener, there is much debate about whether or not to till a garden. My answer is why break a sweat when the squirrels can do the job for you! To protect our freshly planted flower bulbs, I needed to use the chicken wire covers from our strawberry beds. This is the result on the very next day: a perfectly tilled soil.

Talking about protection of the newly planted bulbs, if a hole is big enough for a squirrel to pass through, he will! One of the cages didn’t reach the ground correctly and I found one of those buggers inside it!

By the way, for those of you who ask, “no more asparagus?” One, good observation. Two, we relocated the asparagus in the former raspberry/pumpkin bed because we thought it would get better sunlight and drainage. Yes, by prior experience, relocated asparagus will survive, and yes, we now have a forest of asparagus.

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