Eggplant and chard in today’s Post

The front page of the Food Section of today’s (October 13) Washington Post contains a banner headline, “Vegetables with issues” with two veggie articles—one about eggplant and one about chard.

The longer article is “The common eggplants are the most problematic,” by Bonnie S. Benwick, who writes about the many varieties now available and about such issues as bitterness and alkaloid content. You can link to three eggplant recipes at the end of the article: (1) roasted eggplant soup with goat cheese, (2) marinated eggplant with oregano, and (3) quick eggplant soup. To read the eggplant article, CLICK HERE.

The shorter article is “If only Swiss chard could assert itself,” by Vered Guttman, a Chevy Chase caterer. Her focus is on cooking the leafy veggie. You can link to two chard recipes at the end of the article: (1) bulgar and beef-stuffed Swiss chard rolls and (2) Swiss chard and fava bean dip. To read the chard article, CLICK HERE.

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