Cocktails from the garden

I present to you the Mouse Melon Martini:

Martini recipe of your choice with a pickled mouse melon!  I didn’t make it or drink it (can’t touch the stuff any longer: migraines) but I laughed.

Those of you who do indulge, what cocktails or other drinks have you come up with that involve produce from the garden?  I’ve had Pimm’s Cup, mint juleps, and the claret cup recipe posted earlier, but that’s about it for veggies or herbs I picked myself.  (Dandelion and elderflower wines, too, but you can’t make those on an evening’s whim.)

Here’s a post from Grub Street New York about vegetable cocktails.

Give me your ideas in the comments!  Nonalcoholic drinks very welcome too.  I’m playing with a newly acquired juicer so will be experimenting with combos that work well with mixers.

Surely we deserve a nice drink after putting up with the weather this summer!

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  1. Cocktails with ingredients from my garden:

    Mint Juleps (duh)
    Martini with Hendricks gin and muddled cucumber (yum!)
    If I liked Bloody Marys, I could have made gallons of them this summer with my tomatoes.

    And…that's about it. Apparently I need to grow more fruit.

  2. One could design a whole garden around this concept, I'm sure.

    For anyone who does like Bloody Marys, there are a whole bunch of recipes if you search “fresh tomato bloody mary.”

  3. What a grand & humorous photo, Erica!

    I'll never know what kind of drink I could have made from the fruit of the 5 elderberry bushes I planted several years ago. The local deer herd loves every native leaf and berry, so the elderberry bushes never bear harvestable fruit, even though I've tried to protect the shrubs with cages.

    At least the deer are eating fresh fruit. Can you imagine the carnage if they over-indulged over-ripe fruit and then prowled the local roads?

    “Friends don't let bambits cross highways when tipsy.” Or something like that.

  4. Do drinks from the farmers market count as well?

    Here's an awesome one I discovered recently: Fresh Peche Cooler. Combine 1 and 1/2 ounces of peach infused bourbon (just soak some peaches in a bottle of inexpensive bourbon for a couple days) a 1/2 ounce of fresh squeezed lemon juice (I also throw in a splash of lime), 1/2 ounce of simple syrup, a healthy dollop of peach puree (fresh peaches pureed with a little sugar and lemon juice) and 2-3 ounces of ginger beer. It's absolutely fantastically delicious, and you can barely taste the alcohol (so be careful!).

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