Deer – smarter than we give them credit for!

Last Tuesday mid morning, I saw 2 deer inching their way toward my garden. Now, I knew that the solar powered electric fence I installed last year has been incredible at keeping deer away. My neighbor, Nancy, jokingly claims to see deer limping as they exit my yard and enter hers. But I never actually saw it in action until now. But more than getting a lesson in how the fence works, I got a lesson in how Mother Nature works.

Mother and baby were eating persimmons that had fallen on the ground, inching their way closer to the garden. The fawn was in the lead. Mother was watching, knowingly, the whole time.I was so excited at the prospect of getting a shot of this, that I didn’t have the chance to change the camera setting to video. The mother watched calmly as the baby got a lesson in where NOT to go for a meal!
The quality of the images aren’t great, but I think they get the point across. Deer don’t need to be attracted to the fence with a peanut butter bait. Nor do you need to spray repellent around the perimeter. And, clearly they can see where their feeding space ends and mine begins.
The baby jumped when it touched the fence but didn’t high-tail it out of there. Did the mother knowingly set up her baby to learn this lesson? It certainly looks like she did. The 2 deer calmly and slowly continued looking for food in the grass while moving on to the next yard and on to the cover of the woods beyond. Score a point for mothers being nature’s first teacher and another point for Ria’s solar powered electric fence!

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