Accentuate the positive

It was a steamy, sweaty morning at the Derwood Demo Garden, in which we dealt with squash plants collapsed from borers, bean plants eaten by rabbits, corn colonized by stink bugs, and what I’m pretty sure is downy mildew on basil (will confirm tomorrow, and the plants are goners no matter what). I dutifully took pictures of it all (well, not the bean plants that weren’t there), but I’m not going to depress you with those. We are all having a hard enough summer.

Here’s some of what is working, instead. Tomatoes are suffering from diseases and uneven watering, but they are producing well (and I had half a Brandywine Sudduth’s Strain for lunch, with feta and (non-mildewy) basil, and it was delish). Here’s our harvest of cherry tomatoes for the day:

That’s Black Cherry, Green Grape, Sun Gold, Isis Candy, and Snow White.

We also had a nice small harvest of okra (Star of David, which stays tender at larger sizes):

Peppers are doing well, including this gorgeous (very hot) edible ornamental called Explosive Embers:

I dug a few carrots today, including this one that looks like it’s in urgent need of a bathroom:

Also doing well, this hedge of Greek basil, so far unaffected by disease:

It gets about eight inches high (this is six plants in a row). Also in the shot: white zinnias, Bush Slicer cucumber (which does not stay bush-like, even in a container as I’m growing it at home, but does produce a lot of perfectly-shaped cukes), and peanuts, which you can barely see since the cucumbers are trying to eat them.

Mouse melons are growing well up our cattle panel arbor:

They keep wanting to get bushy at the bottom, which is not the way my plants at home are behaving, and most of the fruit is being produced down there as well. I’ll do another post on mouse melons soon.

So I am trying to accentuate the positive today! And eliminate the negative, too, though I can tell you I was not ready to mess with those stink bugs on such a stinky humid morning. Tomorrow is another day… and a cooler one too, it looks like!

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