A Fair Garden

Amid the bustle of the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair (held this year August 13-21) it’s nice to escape for a while from the raucous rides and mooing cows and visit a garden oasis. If you attend our upcoming fair (it’s fun!) please stop by the Master Gardeners’ Demonstration Garden (near Old McDonald’s Barn and the 4H building) where you will be greeted by MGs ready to show you around and answer your questions.

The Fairgrounds Demo Garden highlights important gardening concepts such as native plants, xeriscaping, use of rain water, and attraction of beneficial insects. The garden has won several awards and is Bay-Wise certified. And it’s just a lovely place to hang around in.

The MG team has planted culinary herbs and popular vegetables, integrating them with ornamental plantings. One of the most impressive features is this Tower of Malabar Spinach:

Vegetables such as squash grow together with annual ornamentals:

(Ornamental sweet potatoes such as these purple ones, by the way, do technically have edible roots, but they are bred for beauty rather than culinary excellence.)

A Cubanelle pepper looks very happy and tasty in the heat! The watering team has kept the garden in good shape even through this nasty weather.

We hope you can visit the fair to sample the stomach-churning rides and the sticky, greasy food (in that order, please!) and check out the prize-winning livestock and farm products – but most of all to see the handiwork of some hard-working Master Gardeners.

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