Surprise! Ornamentals in the Vegetable Garden!

The HGIC video team visited Master Gardener Larry Kloze yesterday to capture footage of his vegetable garden for an upcoming video. What we found was an oasis that happened to include a productive vegetable garden. Larry and his wife, Vickie, have created a little piece of paradise in the middle of Baltimore.

Jon & I arrived in the early afternoon with our 3 student videographers. We were all immediately drawn to the aquatic gardens and the natural looking bullfrog statuary.
Wait a minute…that one blinked! Boy were we surprised when they came to life and jumped in the pond!

As Emily, Brett, and Sam captured footage of Larry and his vegetable garden, I snapped photos of the rest of the landscape. I kept sneaking around the pond in hopes that one of the bullfrogs would come back out on the edge for a photo but he was camera shy. Too much paparazzi in the area for him.

Street noises are masked by gurgling water in the fountains that entice you to explore the hidden treasures tucked away in the mixed annual, perennial, and shrub borders.

Benches call you to sit, relax and view the gardens from another vantage point. Larry and Vickie have a truly rich life! Thank you for sharing your paradise with us!

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