Oh Deer! Fishing Line Fence Revisited

At least one sly deer read my July 1 blog post on excluding deer with a fishing line fence. On July 2 I noticed that 3 of my 23 tomato plants had a few top stems nipped- by deer of course. It was a warning shot; a clear message: “Go ahead- brag about some other silly attempt to keep us from enjoying all of the food groups. Next time we won’ t leave any green tissue.”

It looks like one deer jumped over the fence or crawled under. Will the others figure it out? With vegetation drying down I am surprised the deer have not made more of an effort. Tonight I will be adding a few more runs of fishing line to discourage these marauders.

This is a temporary solution. I’ll be busy building a more permanent bamboo fence this fall.

6 Comments on “Oh Deer! Fishing Line Fence Revisited

  1. Bamboo outside works for about a year. Then the bamboo breaks down. There is some kind of bug here in Maryland that loves to bore through the canes and make it very weak. I build trellises each year out of bamboo, and have to replace them the next spring. Good thing is that neighbor has about 20 times more bamboo than the neighborhood can use.
    Good luck on the deer fence. Looking forward to hearing more about it.


  2. Yep, deer are amazing creatures. They can find any weakness in you attempt to exclude them. I had a 140# doe trying to get to my peppers Thursday morning and chased her. She went through an open space in my fence that was about 2 by 2 feet. I have since closed that opening, but I'm sure she'll find another.


  3. Relying on horizontal runs does not keep the deer out. I switched to vertical runs of 20 lb. test filament (see March 11, 2014 blog post). This has worked very well. No deer have entered the garden in 5 years. I have to make a half-dozen repairs each year where the line breaks due to rubbing/snagging. I try to keep the vertical runs of fishing line no more than 6-8 inches apart.


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