Government House Lecture Series

The lecture series at Government House got off to a great start thanks to Audra Russell (aka Garden Diva). It was a gorgeous day and the audience was filled with great participants.

Some of the highlights of Audra’s presentation were that she reminded us that you don’t have to go buy expensive containers. As long as there are holes in the bottom for drainage, you can use bushel baskets, wooden boxes, old pots and pans and pretty much any other quirky container you already own. The big issue with containers is to check daily for watering needs because they will dry out quickly, especially if you have them on a patio or deck.

Audra’s list of top vegetables that people grow in containers are salad greens, tomatoes, eggplant, swiss chard, zucchini, beans, cucumbers, garlic, radishes, potatoes and arugula. funny, that sounds like it could be the top list for in ground vegetable gardens as well!

Audra did a practical demonstration for her audience and planted one of the containers that will be utilized at Government House. It contained a poblano pepper and some annual flowers to help attract beneficial insects. Thanks Audra!

The lecture series has been very popular and there are still seats available for September and October. To see the schedule or to sign up for a class, go to the following link

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  1. It was my pleasure! I thoroughly enjoyed teaching that class. Sharing the things that I learn is almost as much fun as being in the garden!

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