Paging Dr. Raupp, paging Dr. Mike Raupp!

Okay, Dr. Raupp, this bug’s for you! I don’t really mean to sound like a beer commercial, but I really wish Mike Raupp was in my garden with me this morning. My beautiful collards that I grew from seed kept getting eaten. I figured it was slugs, but when the leaves kept getting eaten despite the usual attempts to deter them (that usually work) I knew something was up.

You know, I like to hang out in my garden and just look at everything up close. Well, here is the offender that is eating my collard plants! Apparently it laid eggs as well. Anyone know what type of worm this is? Seriously, can someone pass this along to Dr. Raupp? :o)

Here’s the second weird bug that I found. This one was on my driveway. I came up with the highly technical name of “poop moth” because I thought it was bird poop until it started to fly! Once it landed I got a front and back shot of it:

Whatever type of moth it was, it certainly loved being photographed. It stayed very still for me. I got the best shot I could with my little digital camera. I had to use the zoom lens….I was only going to get but so close to the thing! Yes, I am a master gardener and I am scared TO DEATH of bugs. They give me the heebie jeebies and make me itch. In fact, I’m going to go and take a shower now and burn off a layer of skin. Hopefully when I return someone can tell me at least what type of worm that was.

But if I’ve discovered a new species of moth, I get to name it and it will be Lepidoptera Poopicus.

Until next time…happy gardening!

3 Comments on “Paging Dr. Raupp, paging Dr. Mike Raupp!

  1. The first one looks like a cabbage worm, larva of the cabbage white butterfly. I'll let someone else take the other – very interesting bug!

  2. Hi, Erica: You are a right. I was browsing through my MG handbook and there was a picture of that little homewrecker.

    I also did some research (gotta love Google) and apparently what I thought were eggs were actually it's feces.

  3. Suzanne Klick ID'd the moth as the Beautiful Wood-Nymph. Odd name for a moth that looks like bird poop! It is a type of Forester Moth. The caterpillars in this group are brightly colored as a warning to birds. Orange heads with black spots and black and white rings on the body. The caterpillars primarily eat grape, Virginia creeper, and Ampelopsis foliage.

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