Unintentional Vegetable Philanthropy

In my previous post I talked a little about ‘Vegetable Philanthropy’, which is essentially donating your extra vegetables to those who need it. Today I’m going to talk about Unintentional Vegetable Philanthropy – you’ll see what I mean in a moment.

I’ve had a bit of a rough time getting my cucumbers started this year, because something keeps eating my seedlings. I thought I’d conquered the cutworms years ago when I started to put toilet paper rolls around each plant. This year did I cut the rolls too short? Did I not bury them deep enough? What gives? I started noticing that the seedlings weren’t being cut off completely, but that something was chipping away at the stems just enough for the plant to not be able to sustain itself. You can see the plant on the left is compromised; my Mom suggested maybe I should put aluminum foil around the seedlings because whomever was chipping away probably wouldn’t like foil. What did I have to lose? (My pickling crop, that’s what!)

I called the HGIC (1-800-342-2507, M-F from 8-1!) and described the problem, and the reply was ‘sounds like slugs’. Well, I sure didn’t offer up my seedlings to them! Unintentional Vegetable Philanthropy. There it is.

By the way, the fellow from HGIC suggested I dust around the plants with wood ash or diotomaceous earth because slugs don’t like sooty stuff.

Along similar lines, while my husband was cutting the grass yesterday, he found this in our yard:
Our first thought, as it is each time we see rabbits in our yard is, ‘Dinner!’ But then I remember I don’t like hasenpfeffer. (: I thought about just picking them all up (4 of them!) and taking them down the road, but then I remembered that without Mom they probably wouldn’t survive. So I left them there, fully understanding the future consequences of my actions:
Unintentional Vegetable Philanthropy…

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