Now the real fun begins!

Well, there I am! Tilling my garden. I don’t normally advocate tilling, but so many weeds had grown in my garden that it would have taken me at least half a day to get my soil ready.

So I tilled….and tilled. The good news is I saw lots of worms and I think only one or two got (gulp) killed (sorry guys!). A moment of silence for the worms please…..

OK. So once the tilling was finished, the real fun began! I got to plant all of my crops! Unfortunately only a few of the beautiful seedlings I grew made it into the garden. All of the delays from weather to illnesses kept my seedlings indoors too long and they just were not happy.

The good news is that I was able to buy some wonderful seedlings from the store to supplement what was lost. So this is what my garden looked like after I finished tilling. Ahhh! All of that wonderful soil! So rich and brown. I took all the grass that I tilled and started a compost pile in that yellow recycle bin you see there (it’s coming along nicely).

What survived from my seedlings grown indoors were: okra, several tomato plants, habanero peppers, carrots, sage, lemon balm, various basil cultivars and some radishes. Not bad at all.

I bought more tomato, cucumber, eggplant, bush bean, lima bean, bell pepper, cantaloupe and watermelon plants. I have twenty five tomato plants that are a mix of romas, cherries and sandwich types. I lost count of how many pepper plants I have. There are eight cucumber plants, four cantaloupe plants and four watermelon plants. I also planted shallots, a really sweet type of onion that is SO delicious! This is my shallot bed:

It’s small, but I am not really planning to sell these at the market. I just wanted to have them on hand for some recipes that I love to make!

My garden is now full and I am looking forward to seeing my babies grow and produce a great harvest. I have so much packed into my garden that I had to plant some of the tomato plants on the outside of my cage.

I also planted the watermelons in a nice bed that I prepared behind my garage. They really need room to sprawl. I haven’t had much success with them in years past. Here’s hoping I can grow ones that would make my Grandpa Nathan proud!!! Here are some photos of my crops growing. They don’t look like very much now, but when they get growing, boy will they look wonderful!!! There are lima beans and various types of peppers and few mater plants squeezed in. There’s also some chocolate mint that came back from last year growing outside of the cage and two strawberry plants growing in containers:

I’ll be posting pictures as my garden continues to grow. The rain this weekend was a welcome addition to my garden. I always love it when God provides the water so that I can save on my water bill!

Well my garden gals and guys, this is it for now! I’ll keep you posted as my garden grows! I’ll be starting the farmers market hopefully sometime in late June. I’ll be posting pictures on that as well!

Until next time, happy gardening!!!!

7 Comments on “Now the real fun begins!

  1. Nice to see a picture from inside your garden cage, to get a sense of how big it is. Looks just great! Good luck with all your crops (I'm going to try watermelon again this year too).

    (And thanks for posting!)

  2. Please mulch that bare soil.

    Mulch, mulch and more mulch. It will keep the weeds down, help the soil stay moist, and give those worms more organic matter to chow down on.

    I use about 3 inches of straw, as the rain/water will go through it, and it doesn't mat together.

    Good luck with your garden!

  3. Thanks, Erica and good luck with yours as well. James, I apply shredded leaves to my soil several times throughout the growing season. I am not a fan of putting straw or other types of mulches on my soil. Don't worry, I give my wormies plenty to munch on throughout the season! :o) (and I like to weed my garden…gives me an excuse to go out there and enjoy it!)

  4. D.G.,
    One begs the question as to why you are not a fan of mulch on your soil?
    Just curious. Ok, REALLY curious… 😉

  5. Dear James:

    I don't know why. I add shredded leaves, which is a mulch, but other than that, I don't. One year I used pine needles as a mulch and learned a very valuable lesson: they do not break down. I guess that sort of soured me on the whole mulch concept. I know that there are lots of mulches that break down very well and I do use a little around my tomato, eggplant and bean plants.

    Are you pickin' on me? :o)

  6. Not pickin', just askin'. 😉

    It has been my experience that I need to water less, have much few weeds (and weaker when they do grow) and no erosion or dirt on my greens/tomatoes from the rain. I pull the mulch back from the soil I want to plant in, in the spring when the soil needs to warm up, but push the mulch back when the little plants come up.

    Shoot, I had Swiss chard this year that came up all over the place, just because I let one go to seed last year. I never moved the mulch. The plants grew up through it.

    Just my way of gardening.

    Best of luck, Diva!

    June 1, 2010 6:52 PM

  7. im having weeds our through the mulch they are just tearing the mulc had getting out :S i was surprised bc its supposed to suppress weeds. another thing im having worms that are eating my beans seedlings so do u think i should spray pyrthroids???

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