The Best Laid Plans of a Gardener

Gardening, if nothing else, is a learning experience. As I noted in an earlier blog, last fall I planted kale in a large container with the intention of over-wintering the seedlings and getting a head start with spring gardening.

I was inordinately proud of the hardy little seedlings that made it through our Snowmageddon winter which I set out in the garden in mid-March. A few other mature kale plants in the garden had also over-wintered. They did the expected thing and began to send up blossom stalks. Unfortunately, so did the seedlings. Perhaps it was those unseasonably hot days we had in early April that confused them. Or maybe kale of whatever size or maturity which survives the winter is programmed to put all its energy, not into new leaves, but into a blossom stalk.

Well, I’ll just pretend that I’m actually growing broccoli raab, and harvest these little suckers before they get any bigger.

2 Comments on “The Best Laid Plans of a Gardener

  1. ha! funny. I like to call my veggies, “baby (whatever)” or “dwarf (whatever)”. It's nice to fool people into thinking it's done intentionally.

    Glad your seedlings made it!


  2. Hi Liz – I can't remember if I showed you the collards in the demo garden that have blossom stalks, but I've been snacking on those little flowerets and they are delicious. Goes to show you how all brassicas are really trying to be the same plant.


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