Cover crop

When the snow finally cleared, it was great to see the green of the cover crop we had planted in the fall. The mixture of wheat, rye and oats were a welcome hint of Spring. We also discovered some swiss chard had made it through the winter. The rosemary, chives, thyme and mint had also survived.

With a renewed burst of energy, and shovels in hand, we turned the cover crop under. We got an early start on planting seeds for kale, collards, spinach and peas.

The official planting and opening of the garden will be this Saturday. This year, we will be helped by the Apprentice Gardeners from Kinder Farm Park. These young people and their parents meet at their community garden plot every week to learn about vegetable gardening and gardening related topics. They each have a section of garden that they can plant, maintain and harvest. So as you can see, we have some pros this year!

The First Lady will be there Saturday to help and oversee the planting. She will also have some exciting news to announce to the public. So….stay tuned!

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