Hello from the Governor’s Mansion

Here I am with Suzanne Lewis. We are going to give you a little tour of the mansion’s vegetable garden and show you how it all came together.

This is the layout of the garden. As you can see, you don’t have to be limited to squares and rectangles. We followed the natural curve of the bed and allowed the shape to match the other planting areas around it. What you see is mostly greens; lettuces, kale, collards and chard. If you notice, there is an oak tree in the background which gave us a few shade issues. The more shady area and the time of year naturally lent itself to planting greens.

Once we established the rows, we placed the plants around to get an idea of spacing and what plants we wanted where. This is Suzanne putting the first plant in the soil. That is always an exciting time, full of great expectations!

I just thought I would let you see Mrs. O’Malley and Chef Canby getting in on the action.

For the finishing touches, we spread newspaper in the walkways and covered it with mulch. This will help prevent weeds and establish permanent places to walk to avoid compacting the planting area.

Because we had a limited area that gets full sun, we planted tomatoes and herbs in pots and placed them in the sun around the fountain. If you have limited sun or space, you too can garden in a pot.

Well, that concludes our tour. I hope you enjoyed it. Join us throughout the summer to see our progress.

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